Түгээмэл асуултууд

Консулын үйлчилгээний талаар суугаа орны болон гуравдагч орны иргэдэд: 

  • How much is the tourist visa fee?
  • Tourist visa fee range is from 345RMBs for regular processing in 5 working days, and 630RMBs for express service in 1-3 days.

Can you please confirm the bank information for consular service? 

/ Bank details:

Account holder name: The Embassy of Mongolia

Bank: Bank of China, Head Office

Account number: 778350020264 RMB


Is it possible to pay with WeChat?

No, we only accept bank cards, or you can pay by cash.

How can I get a multiple entry or business visa?

You will need an official invitation from Mongolia. This invitation needs to be approved by the Mongolian Immigration Authority (which issues a 4 digit visa code), and it takes 3-5 business days to be processed. After that, you will be able to apply for a Mongolian Visa at the Embassy of Mongolia in Beijing by post. To do so you need to submit:

Completed visa application form (please download application from here)

 Valid passport for at least 6 months

Copy of passport first/photo page

One passport size photo (with white background) on the Visa application form

Invitation letter (visa code) approved by the Mongolian Immigration Authority /from Inviting party/ 

Receipt/confirmation of payment for visa fee (bank details below)

Pre-completed and pre-paid/agreed to pay upon receipt courier envelope (this must have the return address and contact telephone number)

How many days does visa processing takes?

For regular processing takes 5 working days, express processing is within 8 working hours.

I am Malaysian citizen, holding an ordinary passport. Should I need a visa, to travel to Mongolia?

List of visa free countries is here- http://consul.mn/eng/02visae.php


Can I apply for a transit visa in Beijing?

  • Yes, you can apply all kind of visas in Beijing.

Do you have an online visa system?

  • Currently we don’t have an online or evisa.

Can someone else can apply or collect visa on behalf me?

Yes. You need to send power of attorney at the notaries in this case. The courier must show the valid ID card or passport to visa officer upon delivery.